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Partnering to impact lives within our local neigborhoods and outside of the U.S.

Faith & Hope Services hosted by partnered local ministries.

Partner, join, and/or connect with the shift


Study and learn biblical principles to apply to your personal life 

Shift Nation was founded in 2017 by leaders with experience and burden for those living among marginalized communities. We exists to see broken systems fixed in communities worldwide through partnering and investing in creative and sustainable solutions. We are involved in mobilizing people, materials, and financial investments in projects which spur sustainable solutions to physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We, as one cohesive unit, strive to fulfill the needs of those who are bound, displaced, and rejected. We as a people, are here to impact a people, so they can become a greater people. ​



With the need for more faith-based humanitarian efforts, Shift Nation plans to partner with Nonprofit organizations, ministries/ministers, and businesses in the efforts to transcend margins and barriers to impact those in need.

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Join us in our next international mission trip.

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Join Shift Nation and its partners as they endeavor to revive and restore the faith and hope of Tortorla and surrounding islands. We will be sending over 100 barrels of non perishable food items, school supplies, and electronics for advanced learning (tablets/laptops).

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Shift Nations By Shifting People

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